Feel at home while on vacation

Your vacation rental bungalow is located inside Punta Veleros Beach Condominium, second row, right on the Bay of Los Organos, a natural bay protected from the wind. Privacy and tranquility, within 2,500 m² and access to the beach at 50 m. The bungalow has 1 spacious bedroom with 2 double sized beds and a bathroom; it connects to smaller room with bunk bed. A suitable arrangement for a family with 2 small children. Accommodates: 4 people. Has parking for 1 vehicle, a kitchenette, a barbecue area with a dining area, and hammocks to rest. At the back there is a small forest with trees and the typical birds of this area.

Bungalow Lodging

Fotos de habitaciones


  2 double sized beds
  private terrace
  air conditioning

The bungalow bedroom connects to smaller room with bunk bed. A suitable arrangement for a couple, or a couple with 2 small children.
Fotos de habitaciones


  two burner electric stove
  water heater
  rice cooker
  slow cooker ceramic induction oven

Fotos de habitaciones

Barbecue & Dining

  barbecue and lounging area
  dining area
  Chef (optional)

Feel free to arrange with Chef Manuelito, recommeded for enjoying the local gastronomy.
Fotos de habitaciones

Beach Pergola

  beach pergola

Bungalow access to the beach and pergola.

Beds have pima cotton sheets, lightweight bedspreads, blankets and bath towels. Includes a person in charge of cleaning.


Following, you will find a list of suggested meals, however, please feel free to modify according to your preference, in arrangement with the Chef.


fruit salad
  • Mixed fruit smoothie
  • Fresh Coffee/tea
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Fried or scrambled eggs
  • Freshly baked local bread
  • Mixed fruit smoothie
  • Fresh Coffee/tea
  • Tender pork cracklings in orange sauce
  • Mashed plantain cakes
  • Freshly baked local bread


  • Sashimi of freshly caught tuna
  • Pan seared fish
  • Rice
  • Fresh salad of avocado, mango and onion
  • Wok fried tuna with red peppers and onion
  • White rice
  • Salad of cucumber, tomato and avocado
  • Ceviche of local diablito or carajillo
  • Arroz con pato (duck meat with rice cooked in coriander sauce)
  • Salad of onion, coriander and aji
  • Tacu tacu of beans and rice, covered with seafood sauce
  • Salad of onion, coriander and aji
  • Salad of cucumber, tomato and avocado
  • Causa de Atun (Spicy cold potato roll filled with fresh tuna)
  • Bouillabaisse of Sea Bass
  • Whipped black beans in clay pot
  • White rice
  • Slow cooked goat meat stewed in coriander
  • Salad of sliced onion, coriander and ají


  • Thin slices of octopus in mayonnaise sauce of black olives
  • Tequeños filled with shrimp or cheese
  • Fried mandioc sticks with dip of fresh cheese and mild ají sauce
  • Deep fried octopus or calamari
  • Chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce dip

The chef is available for preparing breakfast and lunch meals from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Other dishes may be prepared by arranging previously with the chef.

Booking & Rates

Rental Info

  Bungalow · accomodates 4 guests

  $150 / night · minimum 3 nights

The bedroom connects to smaller room with bunk bed. A suitable arrangement for a family with 2 small children.
Includes kitchenette, barbecue area and beach pergola.
The chef is optional and his daily rate is S/.100 nuevos soles.
Note: a maximum of 4 guests will be accepted.


Book your vacation rental bungalow with 50% bank deposit. Pay the balance 15 days before arrival to Punta Veleros, or to the guardian of the bungalow señor Cevallos.