Enjoy Punta Veleros to its fullest

Aside from just relaxing in this natural setting there are several interesting activities to experience. In smooth sea conditions you can swim, snorkel, fish on the pier or boat, surf, spearfishing. The winds in the afternoons offer excellent conditions for windsurf and kitesurf.


The north of Peru is renown for its excellent waves. Beginners to professional surfers visit the north of the country primarily for this reason. Organitos beach waves are right in front of the bungalow where you would stay. These waves are small and well formed, which are easy to surf for newbies but still allow experts to have fun. Right around the point on the left is the Wave of Organos, hollow and faster – within a five minute walk. To the right of the house is Casablanca, a favorite wave of intermediate surfers. Piscina and Cabo Blanco are excellent waves and can be reached by a 30-minute car ride.


For trawling along the coast, contact Mr. Goyo Mimbela. You depart from the Pier of Los Órganos. To get there, take mototaxi or a fifteen minute walk.

 Whale Watching

From late July, and during August, September and October, you can observe amazing humpback whales, who arrive to the northern coast of Peru from Antarctic waters for breeding and calving during the reproductive season. We recommend the tours from Pacífico Adventures, (they depart from the Los Organos harbour (fifteen minutes walking distance from the house).


Peru holds the world record of bird species, with 1,814 species described by James Clements and Noam Shamy in “A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru”. Of these, 120 can be found only in Peru. Seventy two of these species are in danger of extinction. On the beach and the grounds surrounding the bungalow you can start to observe birds and other animals. The national parks and reserves in this area are home to the greatest number of species in danger of extinction in Peru, such as the Cortarrama Peruano (Phytotoma raimondii). One can enjoy birdwatching in the Parque Nacional Cerros de Amotape 30 minutes away or also one hour further north in the Santuario Nacional Manglares de Tumbes. Pacífico Adventures offers an interesting marine excursion for Pelagic birdwatching. They depart from the Los Órganos harbor (fifteen minutes walking distance from the house). During the tour it is possible to watch the Galapagos albatross, Galapagos petrels, storm petrels among other species.

 Peruvian Cuisine

With the house Chef, enjoy learning how to prepare a superb Pisco Sour or Algarrobina Cocktail, made from the syrup of the local carob tree. Learn the secrets of the perfect ceviche.


On the surrounding hills and cliffs. Most enjoyable early in the morning or during sunset.

 Nearby places to explore

To the north is Vichayito beach, Las Pocitas, and the tourist town of Mancora (night life, folk art, handcrafts, local restaurants, surf shops, spa). To the south is a long stretch of solitary beaches that lead to the fishing village of El Ñuro. Continuing south along the coast is Cabo Blanco; this small fishing village was Ernest Hemingway´s hideout and his inspiration for “The Old Man and the Sea”. It also holds the world record for Black Marlin Fishing and has one of Peru´s most perfect waves for surfing.


The Pacific Ocean is slightly warmer here due to the “El Niño” current. The pleasant warm climate has a year round temperature range of 24-32°C / 75-90°F. Seasons are almost non-existent with January through March being the warmest months, and June to August being slightly cooler. It is sunny all year round.

In northern Perú, beaches and landscapes vary periodically due to tides and currents. Tide pools form naturally from March to June.

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